03/07/09 – I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all my peeps out there, I’m officially announcing that I’m quitting smoking again! YES AGAIN DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!

I have made a promise to myself to quit because although I work out regularly and have an excellent diet, I still don’t want to be weezing all crazy with one of those thingies in my throat!  I just lost an uncle to lung cancer in addition to other relatives and friends, including my grandmother a few years back!  I have decided that I want to live to see my daughter fulfill her dream of modeling and acting.  And how can I do it if I’m not around!  I want to be right there when she takes on the runway/commercials and snags an Oscar!

This year I have made advances to not only better myself but love myself!  All of this included ditching all the haters and nuts who have held me back from my own potential!  I left a constricting, psychotic relationship and I feel free to start a healthier one!  And lastly I have started taking my writing more seriously, which has landed me a publishing deal.  And how can I catch up with Steve, Anne and Toni if I’m done in by 20 shots of death in a pack.

07 is my year baby!

PS. If you see me about to light up , then please smack the shit out of my hand.   Now please take in mind you may get slapped back but remember it’s for a better cause….ME



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