04/30/08 – Habitual Couch Killers…Yes A Bitch Blog!

Well tonight’s friendly message is brought to you by mooching-ass welchers! Yep, Habitual couch killers who never seem to get tired of being leeches on you. Despite how hard you work to get what you have, there are those who are contempt riding your coat-tail!

Look whose sleep on the couch


hulk scream

I mean no matter how much you give, they never tire of receiving. It’s like you give someone a place to crash when they seem down and out and the next thing you know, they have turned a temporary camping spot out of your living room to a home. Now I am not one to kick someone when they are down but don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

I mean you feed someone who is hungry and next thing you know, they are coming by your kitchen every night intruding on family dinner. They interrupt your favorite show on the telly and plague your life with their drama. It’s enough to make one scream or even vomit.

It doens’t matter if they are friend or family, these folks depend on your inability to say NO. Heaven forbid you do, then you are suddenly unworthy and incapable of being kind or you’re just fucking selfish!
((Go Figure))
Well my friends it is indeed a dilema but often times a natural fucking occurence!

sucks to be you

So what do you do when someone has abused the friend card? Well being the nice person I am, I eventually let it slide but then I finally give them a big boot to elsewhere!!!! Honestly, you cannot allow others to stomp your joy and beat you into the ground mentally.  Saying no does not make you a bad person.  So stop compromising yourself, I know I will!
Yeah they will hate you for it but at least u will be better off. Yes they will seem ungrateful for what you have done thus far but guess what giving more will not make them learn. And doing more for these fucks will do nothing for you…but pin you in the same place as before… “”ASS THE FUCK OUT””
God-Damn, it feels good to say NO for once!

bitch blog kitty

Yeah,  I’m bitchy about it…
So What!


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