03/15/08 – Postcards from INsanity: Cubicles and Coffee

Disclaimer: This post is not in anyway related to the job I have now. While it can be trying to my patience…I love where I work. This is from 10 years ago from the place that both molded my expertise and resentment towards cubicles.

Well another day of editing/writing gone by…

I must admit that I thought my next blog would be a little entertaining with pictures and pretty much a point but I guess I am drained.  I’ve been writing a lot and aside from that, work (at the office) is friggin draining.  So I am sad to say that the bloggage on my part is lacking the…um…er…oomph of before.

I am going to cut the bullshit and get to the point here before I do some crunches and go to bed…

Anybody work a job that they hate or downright loathe?

That’s right, lil miss Insomniac here is having a BF (bitch fit) today.  My job is cool as far as the people I work with and my commute is virtually rush hour free being that it is less than 20 minutes from home, my flexibility is great (meaning they don’t bitch when I am late).  My issue is the amount of slavery I have been reduced to.  Yeah a lot of us drones bitch about it in our little office huddles at coffee machines and cubicles but do any of us really do anything?
Fuck No!!!!

Well are we cowards? No! We are drones of industry and economy meaning that nowadays we are forced to 9-5 sentencing because we live in a society that tells you to be satisfied that you are employed and with benefits no less.


But I have reached a point where settling is beyond me.  Yeah I am happy to have a job that would love to hang onto me but job security sucks when it’s only secure because nobody wants your job.

Honestly on a day to day basis my job falls further and further away from the job description to which I first applied.  I must admit some things have improved since I have gotten there but not because of me alone.  I have the honor of working with some other talented folks who have the same bit of common sense I do.  Yet the problem is being unorganized and not nipping it in the ass when it grows out of control.

Most jobs expect certain things from you and in turn you have a good grasp on your purpose and/or what your job actually entails.  But when you work at a place that should be a Corporate kingdom but functions like a fast food joint…it creates displeasure in the people that actually keep it running (i.e. not management).  When the higher-ups fail to take into consideration the ideas and suggestions of those who bust their asses, you tend to have a crease in organizational behavior and it is your workers that are unhappy.  But it’s how things continue to run…and what do we do about it?
So anybody out there…tell me what do you hate about your job?

What would you change if you could?
What would you rather be doing?
What is your dream job? (And if you already have your dream job…are you accepting resumes???   No just kidding!

But if you have your dream job what was a job you most despised?
And last but not least, if any of the first few questions apply…
What are you doing now to reach that dream job??

It’s the Office, so where the fuck is Steve Carrell…I need a good laugh!

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