Here is the new post!  I want to let all my homies and dudes out there to know that I am not mad at you!  I got mad love for all men who do the right thing…(those who are , honest, sincere, and secure) who are good fathers NOT baby-daddies (there’s a BIG difference).  Meaning I don’t got love for the cheaters, chick beaters and lying asses…and it makes my blood boil if you got kids and you’re not taking care of them!  I mean if you hawking on any female while you got a chick loving you then there is no room for me or any woman like me!  I know I sounded bi-polar because a second ago I was downing the dudes out there.  But the truth is I still care about the homies.  I have a lil’ brother and in addition, the most influential person ever in my life was a man!  I don’t have no daddy issues (well not really),  so there is no reason for me to hate my strong counterparts!

I represent the ANKH (the egyptian symbol of life) Without the rod (the man) there cannot be life (the seed) to place into the womb (the woman)!  Shit, I have a daughter, how you think that happened?

Anyway I’m putting out the disclaimer out there that if you swinging between the legs, it’s ok with me!  DO YOU! Just come correct like you got some damn sense and treat a chick like me like you’d treat your daughter or mother!  Sex appeal to me is not being a whore so don’t come at me like I am one…ok!  I don’t care how much skin I show (although I don’t show much…I leave the rest to the imagination) I still demand respect!  ALL FEMALES DO!!

Hell, I figure if you make it sound right, you might switch me back to hetero…HA HA…sike!  Well maybe not but at least I will respect you enough to offer the best friendship (maybe more) that this world has to offer!  For real, I’m a femme who loves the p*$$y but I wasn’t always that way!




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