03/13/07 – READ THIS B4 U ADD ME OR MESSAGE ME! (Old MySpace Disclaimer)

I know that you may have clicked on my pics and thought that you saw a freak looking back, and I will be the first to tell you that you are right but there is more to this book than the cover.  Because I claim to be sexually confident and free doesn’t mean that my sex is for free…feel me?  I will not ignore you but I won’t drool over every sexy femme or dude that sends me a message.  I am not that insecure, shallow nor easy.  Just because you claim to have an interest in what you may see doesn’t mean that the interest is mutual.  Remember this when fuckin’ with me, just because I am flattered by a few nice words doesn’t mean that my undies will drop.

I hope for one that you didn’t think that you were going to get a quick and free fuck because there are plenty others on here that will supply your demand.  I respect myself too much for that and I pitty you too much.  Just because I’m your FANTASY not your WIFEY doesn’t mean I am fucking you or blowing you.  A fantasy is something you dream of and if and only if you are LUCKY will your dreams come true.  Am I cocky…HELL NO but I am confident and I know WHAT I want…the question is…do you?

Basically what i am telling you is that there is more to me than an applebottom, big tits and a cute smile. There is my heart and beautiful mind.  My head like my words are fucking OFFICIAL, In fact I guarantee that I am smarter than you and with that I challenge you to believe otherwise.  And my heart, is big yet fragile at times, if I love you than I will give the world to you; if you are hurt then I will never stop trying to make you smile…

I am a gifted, smart, talented, young, single mother who not only sets an example but lives by it!  I don’t think that being inhibited saves you from being a whore just as I don’t feel that promiscuity sets you free.  I feel blessed by my open sexuality in that I am not trapped by it or victim to it like some.  I will flaunt it but not put it out there for some asshole to grab onto.  What this means is that just because the prize is on the shelf doesn’t mean it’s for sale, it’s just that A PRIZE, it must be WON.  I know how to put IT on the person that I have my legs wrapped around and nails dug into just as easily as the one that I am passing by and smiling at…if you think that what i am spitting is GAME??? THEN FUCKING TRY ME!  I don’t need to look like Halle or sing like Mariah to be a real woman.  All I got to DO is BE ME.

I don’t care if I have a few nude pics. So what!  I love my body and work hard (at least I try) to keep it healthy but it does not mean that I will be objectified because what you see has been done in taste to leave something to the imagination and not to the libido.  I am careful about what I eat, drink, see and screw so you need know this before you step to me with some ol’ bullshit or weak ass game!  Now if you are still interested in getting to know me, then cut the 4PLAY and ask.  If not, then like I said before I AM smarter than you and you need to keep it movin’!!!


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