03/15/07 – DAMN

Damn Yo!

I got mad luv for all my people and anyone will tell you that I am really an easy-going type of chica but I am starting to get annoyed wit all these horny niggas sending me bullshit!!!!  I don’t gotta problem being your friend and I will talk to you and be a ear/shoulder when you need me but that’s it!  Even if I wanted a man in my life ever again then I’d ask for one!  I’m currently looking for my queen so that I can give her all that I am and vice versa!  I put that I am BiSexual on the bio because I do find men attractive.  But what’s is tempting to the eye is not always tempting to the soul.

I am not trying to be mean or sound stuck up, but I love women so… DUDES, if you want more than my friendship…well that’s too bad!  You are fresh outta luck!



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