04/03/07 – Suffering

There are two kinds of suffering: the suffering that leads to more suffering and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering. If you are not willing to face the second kind of suffering, you will surely continue to experience the first.

~Ajahn Chah~

Just Some food for thought!  I just wanted to post something that has been going along with the flow of what I’ve said for quite some time now!  A lot of people including myself have gone on thinking “why Me?”  or “How long is this rut going to last?”  Whether it’s financial, spiritual or love itself, struggles can and will take the best of us!  But I have learned that it is these very struggles that mold us into the people we are!  Some of us are built to withstand the worse of trials and some aren’t but whether you are the first or the latter is up to you!  The point I am getting at ties directly into the quote at the top!  Basically sometimes you have to suffer a little to learn and survive!  Not to be cliche but what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! 

WE are so afraid of the issues that may come with change that we become our own worse enemy!

I have lived a short while on this planet happy with stage 1 and not because I was incapable of better but because I procrastinated (still do…lol)  But there is a limit as to what gets ignored in my life!  I keep a full plate but I make it a habit now to make time for myself, family and friends!  But before I could do this, I had to experience a pitfall!  It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom, that I was actually able to be free to live free!  It is still an ongoing process but my promise to my close friends as well as new ones is to keep you posted with my progress!  What did you think, I was perfect…ha…not even close)  Actually perfect isn’t what I was reaching for it was contentment! 

A long time ago I believed in a simple crede: “It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you are free to do anything!”  Although from a movie (Fight Club)…it stuck with me!  Sadly I failed to believe in that as much as I thought I did! But I’m back on ‘my grind’ and I got my mind right!  Now I’m not saying that you should disown everything and everyone!  But it wasn’t until I let go of the dumb ass bullshit I thought mattered to me but actually weighed me down that I could do me and achieve happiness! 

It’s hard to do it because we get so comfy with mediocre shit and so used to dealing!  But you gotta let go sometimes, whether it’s a controlling partner, dead end job, health concern, a lagging spiritual connection or just about anything in general that is in the midst of your stagnating world…DROP IT!  I hated my relationship so I bounced!  I hated my body so I joined a gym!  I hated my job so I found an occupation that I was built for!  I felt far from G-d, so I found my spiritual center! It is easier said than done but not unattainable!  Don’t beat yourself if you have a weak moment or 2 just remember that you’re human and you will still keep it moving!!! 

All of this felt unforeseen or impossible at the time but I did it and I’m still doing it!!!!

Well enough of my Dr. Phil moment…I’m out!!! 




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