04/27/07 – Gay People

This was originally a bulletin…but I’m blogging it 4 fun!!!!


01. How old were you when you came “”out””?  18

02. How old were you when you had your 1st GF?  20

03. Do you consider yourself Butch, Femme, or Androgynous, etc?   Soft Butch…I can be femme sometimes and sometimes I’m like a boi.

04. Do you have short, medium, or long hair?  medium

05. Do you wear make-up?  sometimes

06. Do you wear men’s or women’s clothes?   both

07. Do you wear cologne, or perfume?  perfume

08. Do you carry a wallet, or a purse, etc.?  purse… wallet inside lol

09. Do you own any clothing that is pink?   I dunno, maybe…wait a minute a shirt

10. Do you carry a pocket knife?  no

11. Do you know how to cook?  yes

12. Do you like flowers?    I’m Allergic

13. Do you enjoy shopping?  who doesn’t?

14. Do you wear a bathing suit, or a t-shirt & swimming trunks?  A bathing suit with shorts

15. Do you enjoy watching romantic love stories?  if nothing else is on

16. Has anyone ever mistaken you for being a man?  once on halloween

17. Are/Were you a Drag King?  no

18. If so, what is/was your name?  If I ever was it would be…Kiwi

19. Have you ever considered having a sex change & becoming a man?  no

20. Are you into sports?  oh yea

21. Which sports do you prefer?   anything but golf and baseball

22. Do you hunt or fish?  ive gone fishin’

23. Who’s Your favorite well-known lesbian?  ellen

24. Who’s your favorite well-known lesbian singer?  That’s a good question

25. What’s your favorite lesbian movie?  DEBS

26. Do you ever wear a hat? If so, how do you wear it?  when i do to tha front, down low

27. Are most of your friends Male or Female?  male

28. Do you consider yourself a “”giver”” or a “”taker””?  mostly a giver but…i receive too

29. Do you own any high heels?  in a box, in a closet, in a room…collecting dust

30. How about a dress or skirt?   same as number 29 but in a dresser drawer…waiting for the next formal function

31. What about a Tux?    a Donna Karen femme fatale original…it was on sale (im not ballin)

32. Do you own anything with the Rainbow on it?  sure do

33. How Often Do you go to gay clubs?  used to go ALL the time, now hardly ever…i need a sitter sometimes

34. Ever hit on a stranger not knowing her sexuality?   I’m good…but it happens to the best of us.

35. Ever wore anything to make your chest flat, so you could look like a male?   I couldn’t if I tried…40DD

36. Do you have your tongue pierced?  yep

37. Do your parents know that you’re a lesbian/Bi?  They try to ignore/deny it but yep they do!

38. So who is your main celebrity crush right now?  Sanaa Lathan (ALWAYS) from (Love N Basketball, Brown Sugar)

39. Who’s your favorite character off of The L Word?   sadly I don’t have cable but if I had to choose, Shane

40. Do you have a deep, medium, or high voice?
medium to deep

41. Do you have any gay pride tattoo’s?  no

42. Ever been to a Gay Pride Parade?  yep

43. Do you think homosexuals will ever be able to legally marry?  yes, they have every right to be unhappy…as anyone else. LMAO (I stole that from Chris Rock)

44. Do you believe you were born a lesbian/bisexual, or was it your choice?   What the FUCK kinda question is that?

45. Do you plan on giving birth to your own children, or adopting, etc.?   Already got 1(my lil mija)  and a baby mama too!!!  (You’re like…how she do that?)



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