04/16/07 – BISEXUALS

OK I’m not one for posting more than one blog a day but after the oddest of encounters last night and let’s say all the time after coming out, I had to get this off my chest!

OK, I will openly admit that I am bi!  So what most who know me, know that I am comfy with my interests.  But what discomforts me most and downright pisses me off is that, bisexuals are the most discriminated people on the planet or should I say stereotyped!  WHY?

Here’s why, most out there assume bullshit about bi-chicks (and sorry I cannot speak for bi dudes at the moment because I’m a girl).  Who the hell determined that bi-chicks are freaks or nymphos?  I, for one don’t need to sleep with both sexes at the same time just because I share an attraction to both sexes.  Girls if you are bi, you don’t need to prove it by bringing a girl to bed because you and your’re hubby are bored.  I mean if you both and want to spice it up…ok whatever!  But don’t assume every chick who is into girls wants extra company or will provide it!  And don’t take offense because every bi-chick won’t take you up on your offer.

Dudes…goddamit!  Stop getting into a  bitch fit because a girl don’t want you or happens to be into girls for the time being!  Who I end up with is not of concern here.  Because for example, if I want solely guys in my world, then I’m not gonna chase other dudes once finding the one…so why chase girls while in a relationship just because I’m attracted to both sexes?  Call me crazy but I have a word for this type of behavior…it’s called being greedy.  I think my partner in crime woruld agree, right Sher’rei?


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