04/16/07 – ok…my take on love?

It is over-rated…I know that sounds like something Ms. Sher’rei would say but the truth is love kinda is over-played and damn near played out!  Now don’t start gaping your mouth open as if I am abandoning my take on fidelity and monogamy!  I am by no means not.  I think each of us has that “”other half”” out there somewhere but what is over-rated and over-played is the ritualistic hoopla we go through in finding it!  Love comes when it is supposed but if you rush it, you end up fucked because you settle with the first piece of trash that blew in your face.  Errrbody, you know the type…the dude/chick you’re ashamed to introduce to your close friends and family but you have pegged yourself into believing, “”He/She’s not that bad!””  But in turn deep inside you’re ignoring that screaming voice that says, “”WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? GET AWAY FROM THIS PRICK/SLUT!””  Do we listen?  Yea but mostly when it’s a little too late!

Why are we so bent on chasing the alter or better yet completing that image that the western world has laid down before us that says you need to be with someone at some certain age and certain point in your life!  Screw that, some find love in the most oddest of places at the most oddest of ages.  The moral of the story is let the chips fall where they may!  Stop searching for what you think is unattainable and you might just find the diamond in the rough and the one meant for you all along!

I’m not saying be a lazy slug and not peep for love but don’t be so hasty that you go grabbing the metal detector yet you end up depressed because your ass ended up with rubbish instead of gold!

I don’t know who said that life had a map…that said, school, career, spouse then kids!  Because if that’s the key to life, then I should be misrable as fuck but…HEY PEOPLE: I’m not!

I fought for what I needed and in turn got what I wanted in waiting!  I want love…who doesn’t but I don’t let that control my life and now I’m in the position that I have met one of the most beautiful women, G-d put on earth!  Where she and I go from this point on…who knows but who cares, I’m just enjoying the ride!  You should too!




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