03/29/07 – Thankful and Blessed

Hey Guys…

Just wanted to put the word out there that it feels good to be finally happy!  I’m not saying that I was a mad bitch before, but I wasn’t the most happy campers!  This meaning that I wasn’t happy with my station in life!  With my daughter starting school this fall and my new book about to hit shelves shortly before that in August, I can’t say that I could be happier! This in addition to meeting or should I say re-meeting a special friend who has been inspirational and beautiful (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)!  “My mija” has held me down!  And although I don’t see her as often as I like, her soul is still felt!  Again life is grand and can’t get much better!  Well unless my book goes bestseller but that’s lies in the hands of my friends…wink wink!  Anyway it wasn’t long ago that I was miserable in my own flesh but it was only me who could change that.

All I wanted to say is again thanx to all of my special friends and family!  And if you are where I once was, my advice to you is to let go of that fear to fail and jump!  Jump to your dreams and goals and they come true!  Never in a million years would I have thought something I was so passionate about would return the joy in such a great way!  I may not be rich but I am set!  And you can be too!  Just be brave and pray but most importantly give yourself back to you and back to whatever G-D you believe in!

Peace N Blessings



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