What it do my friends and fam?
This will sound like a PSA but so what….

I guess I just wanted to type because I was writing and I needed to take my mind off that for a bit!  So far, so good!  The book that I am doing now, which should be out sometime next year is a work in progress about a girl who becomes a woman!  I felt close to this one as do all my work but this one in particular because it deals with adolescence from the eyes of a parent!  Although i had this idea for a while, I never took the time to think about what I will be going through with my little one in about 10 years or what I put my family through 10 years ago, but it it really hit me when I started this story!  That whatever the case, we as parents need to really look after our children and take the time to notice even the little things because they grow up so fast!  It wasn’t long ago that I held my lil mamas and now she is riging a bike by herself and getting ready for big girl school!

It’s funny how time flies, isn’t it?  I remember holidays with the family and now I making some of my own with my baby!  But the point here is not nostalgia, it’s really the fact that we really don’t seem to have a close, tight grip on our youth!  We don’t look out for each other and no one it seems looks out for us!  It’s sad really.  In my upcoming story, still a work in progress, the main character who is about 15 deals with some tough growing pains but it is more than doubled when she tries to grow up quickly!  Her parents who feel helpless to do anything basically try to intervene and stop the madness but are at times powerless to prevent the inevitable!

Why are we as parents losing the batting of doing our most basic of duties? These include not only raising them into respectful adults but the issue of simply keeping them alive!  We are sadly failing!  I see young girls infected with multiple STD’s, pregnant after the first sighting of their cycle!  There are young boys dead in our streets and so lost in a world that has left them out to dry!  We live in a world where no one has taught young men to respect women and vice versa.  We live in a society where our youth has yet to learn the value of a dollar and in addition they have the slightest clue of earing one!  Getting money fast is the only rule…no matter how wrongful the fashion!  Our girls have no clue as to how and why they should keep their very own bodies secred.  I’m not saying it’s easy to be abstinent but at least respect yourself to know that you only got one body…so it should be taken care of with the utmost respect and adoration.  I fear the day when my daughter reaches puberty especially in this day and age!   I can’t prevent her from growing or making mistakes of her own!  But I’ll be damn if I see the day if I don’t ever try!

Regardless of how much I hated the notion of my mother always in my business or my grandparents being too overbaring at times!  I am so glad that I had them to be on top of things and all up in my ass!  Although a lil extra freedom would have been nice, but it was still good to know that someone cared enough about me to know what I was doing and where I was going!  I didn’t really have to fear making good choices, I knew better to do so!  Now Im not saying that your ol’ girl was perfect or a goodie goodie, I’m just saying that it was good to know that instead of the streets raising me, I had a loving family to do so!

In closing, the message here isn’t to tell other parents how to do their job, it’s to tell you to never stop trying!  Don’t give up on them even when it seems too hopeless to even try!  Because although it may seem they hate you for it, trust me they will thank you for it later (whether they listened to you or not)

Be nosy and annoying and whatever…just be there!



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