03/25/07 – Let’s See…

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to type a lil something to let my friends and such know what was in my head!  UH OH!  Naw there won’t be any nagging today!  The truth is that just now I got a block in my head!  I’m not sure what I want to say!  It’s sad that most of what we have to say is either about something bad or dramatic and when things are good they go unwarranted!  Well at least that’s the norm for most!  I guess I can blog about that for a minute!

Well we all know that I am in the transformation process, which has included taking care of my family and my health (the smoking is my hardest vice to get over…but I’m trying)!  Anywho this list of adjustments also includes my career (writing) and my friends!  I have made the choice of dropping those former friends and so-called love interests that have either been the grey cloud of my life or so contempt with nothing that they are completely happy with their station in life of watching the world pass them by!  Not saying that I loathe anyone but I just found it easier to surround myself with people who are about something positive in life!  This new era also includes finding those people who are enlightened and drama-free or who were once lost to me (for whatever reason people lose contact) who happened to be inspiring, positive and wonderful to be around…not to mention “real!”  This shout out goes to you!  Jim, Tom and everyone else who actually might read this!  Like I said on Friday to Jim…”the Bitch Is Back…LOL

But getting back to the point at hand, I was just trying to speak on something positive with no issue to get off of my chest about anyone or anything!  So to all of my readers and peeps…I guess you’re going to have to wait for the next issue of my life that has an ill topic to discuss and bitch about!

Well I have to get up early tomorrow for the first time in three weeks…so until next time, I bid all of you a good night or day!!!



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