12/27/07 – This really needs to stop

Ok before I post my year ending/resolution/regret blog for the end of the year, I’d like to comment that over the last few weeks I have had the pain of being bothered with just plain old-fashioned stupidity.

I was thinking today about the fact that I have been bothered more times than I wanted to be in regards to sleeping with a man that I don’t fucking want. To be perfectly honest I don’t want anybody’s man. Really, I am not conceited but if I had to chose a man it would be

1) a better caliber than what I’ve already had in a hubby before and
2) it would be better than what I was accused of wanting.

In addition to any of this, I think with minimum persuasion, I probably could sleep with these men. I mean I wouldn’t turn down good sex from a hot chick…LMAO! No but really this absurd people. I am about ready to turn off my phone if another girl calls or messages me about her man. It’s either that or you are getting cussed out. Because it’s obvious to me that telling someone you that they are not interested, gay or even paraplegic…it just apparently does no good.

I have tried to reason since then with understanding responses to countless emails, texts, phonecalls and for what? For the sake of making someone feel better? There is a fine line when it comes to over-reacting out of jealousy and insecurity. Look people life is hard…I know because it has kicked me on my ass but that doesn’t give me the right to go around making other’s lives miserable too. But then again misery loves company.  I have gotten apologies from those who felt bad and they are well accepted but from this day forward, we are stopping the silliness!

I understand if you are mad because infidelity sucks. But c’mon people, get a life here. This sort of jealousy gets us nowhere. What happens if I did sleep with another woman’s (or man’s perhaps…lol) hubby? I could lie and so could he and you find yourself back at square 1. A message to all of my girls (straight or not), please leave other girls alone because chances are she doesn’t know you exist. And if she does, what do you anticipate from a phone call like this? I mean you don’t need a PhD to make a harassing phone call but do it with a some damn self-respect and common sense. I’ve been cheated on…and what works for me, just may work for all of you straight women too:


Are you ready?


…you sure because this can be tricky for some people if not fucking impossible!


…ok, I warned you!






I’ve never gone around scouting shit & and if I did, I made it my business to handle it with my so-call partner, not the next chick. You don’t need to seek out trouble…it will find you all on its own.  If the proof was there, I rolled out or at least tried to. Furthermore, woman’s intuition (if not shaken and stirred with jealousy) is pretty awesome. Try it sometime. No man (no matter if he is cute, good in bed, a good father, etc.) is worth your stability and sanity. He can be any of those things without being with you. If either of you are so unhappy that you must be unfaithful, leave or at least take a breather and come back to things with a substantial amount of counseling.
In my particular situation, a sister got mad at me for becoming defensive but as Dr. Phil would say my defenses would have never been up if for:

1) I had never been awaken early on a Saturday (hung-over no less…lol)
2) I wouldn’t be getting yelled at over something I really had nothing to do with. Gay bashing or not, why wasn’t a simple “no” enough? I mean I tried to reason and I tried arguing…nothing works with some people. Nothing will make them leave you alone, I guess.

This shit needs to stop amongst us all. And now a mutual friend whom I told of this whole thing forehand has been scrutinized for standing up for me when she thought that this whole thing was asinine from the start too. So it makes her a punk because she spoke up? Besides it was good for a laugh and whatnot, let’s drop this BS for the new year!

In closing I do not feel that it was my response/action on the defensive that got everyone’s panties in a bunch, it was the sheer fact that I exposed this behavior for what it was. MADNESS! I could have indulged in further idiotic behavior way more than I had although I am not excusing thus far what I did. No one patronized me for being slight a fool but no one sugar-coated the madness I experienced. Nor should the have. But in this was my fault because I’ve ignored my own rule a few times this year, “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person!” (Slap on the hand for me) And not just with the last woman, but others who had a real jealousy issue. And dudes, stop hanging with gay chicks in hopes that you may get laid in knowing your chick is jealous.


So please for 2008, keep me off of your mind but mostly out of your mouth and business!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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