12/17/07 – And the drama ensues…


Well my friends,
I was going to post some email literature to clarify somethings.  But I will post that tomorrow!!!

I am not sure if you guys read comments on blogs…of course you do, we all do!  We even blog-dick some of them!  Anywho on my last blog entitled I’m being real here…,  I received a well entertaining comment.  It wasn’t totally offensive, in fact I found it good enough to be the topic of my next blog…that and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know who it was… with me being the object of this young sister’s affection…DAMN, I didn’t know it felt this good to be hot.  But seriously…IT’S ONLY MYSPACE PEOPLE!

Below is the actual comment I got and the P/C response I said…

I applaud you for leaving the low life man who felt he could abuse you. No one should have to suffer from mental or physical abuse from anyone however, like so many others in my opinion you are confused about your sexuality. You should have been true to yourself a long time ago before you had a child. I say that because it’s difficult to explain to a child as to why mommy use to love daddy (a man) and now she loves a woman or both. In most cases, children have a hard time excepting that his or her parent(s) are gay or bisexual. Trust me I know a large number of women who became gay due to bad relationships, low self esteem etc,,, and they did so after they had children. I have a child and I would never, ever, ever, want to explain something soooo gross to my child. Kids have enough cruel shit to deal with throughout life and now she has to deal with why mommy’s lifestyle is nasty and disgusting!!!!!!!! NOW THAT’S RETARDED HOOD-GHETTO BEHAVIOR

Posted by Noccachino on Monday, December 17, 2007 at 10:25 PM
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I surely respect your opinions and as you may well know I gave you an in-depth response. Thanks for stopping by to admire me!!!

Posted by DRUNKEN INSOMNIAC WRITER on Monday, December 17, 2007 at 10:26 PM
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Here is the actual response I sent in a message that was too long for a comment section…

I posted your comment and thank you for stopping by and reading the whole thing especially this loooong blog of mine (most of mine are sometimes a bit shorter.) 

I don’t feel that I need to include my child in every detail of my personal life nor should anyone (straight or gay).  A young woman on the news made that horrible decision and now she buried her 2 year old as result of the boyfriend beating and shaking her small toddler.  A shame she thought she could trust him no matter how long she may have known him.

I don’t feel that I am confused about anything.  Is every woman confused about their own sexuality if they leave one abusive man for another?  Or better put, if a woman leaves a man for another man for no good reason does that make her confused?  What about the countless numbers of babies aborted by straight women everyday?  I know a straight girl who has 6 before the age of 20 and now she is unable to have kids when she desires to.  What about the straight woman who decides she doesn’t want to be a mommy, so she leaves her newborn child on the step in 30 degree weather?  Or the woman who allows her man to beat or rape her child?  I wonder how confused any of these women are?  To me I think I didn’t get the short end of the stick, if I had to make any of these decisions.  The sad part is that I wish these were just hypothetical situations.  These are things that occurred recently in real life in the city we call home.

In addition to that I know plenty of children who are the product of 2 mommy and 2 daddy homes.  It doens’t depict if the child will become gay or jacked up in the head in the future.  You are right, kids do get teased everyday but if parents are careful what they expose their children to, then there are situations that can be avoided.  I mean another “”not hypothetical”” situation is the mother whose child was teased horribly because her mother was a stripper.  More recently on dateline, was a teen of a hetero family who killed herself because a married, hetero parent pretended to be a young guy on myspace who was so-called into her but unexplicably broke up with the fragile girl.  This all to see if the ill-fated girl was talking harsh/spreading rumors behind her kid’s back.  Unfortunatly being gay is not something you choose.  At least it wasn’t for me.  I didn’t choose to be gay.  I did choose to be with a man despite how he treat me, I thought it was the right thing to do for myself and family.  I realize I was so unhappy long before the abuse started.  The irony of the whole thing was that I was still far from an infidel.  The irony here is that you think I chose the latter because of this man.  But it’s the mentality that you have that causes gay bashing and decades ago, that same behavior caused the lynching a millions of blacks in post-civil war America.

It’s very true some people think that being or “acting” gay will relieve them of their low-self esteem or past, bad relationship choices but often times it makes them worse.  I do agree that is stupid behavior.  Pretending to be anything that you are not will sadly make anyone unhappy and often times can be detrimental.  I knew a kid who was so horribly unafraid to come out of the closet that he took his life this time 2 years ago.  You are who you are.  [Also it is quite possible to be in an abusive gay/lesbian relationship too].  “Switching sides” won’t relieve you of any insecurities anyhow…pretty much like the ostrich syndrome…sticking your head in the ground in hopes that you will be safe.  This is nothing more than another way to run away from what it really going on.

I don’t see myself attracted to both sexes simulataneously nor do I engage in “3some” type of behavior.  I am secure in myself and often times try to help younger adults who are afraid that they have no one to talk to in a situation like that.

In regards to my kid, at 5 and 1/2 years old, I don’t think explaining any sexual situation is suitable for her.  If you want to explain your sexual endeavors with your kid when he is 5, then God be with you.  I am unashamed of my behavior but I don’t go flaunting it on my shoulder in order to cram it down someone’s throat or make a point.  (That’s what the missionaries did before they hauled slaves off to America from Africa) I don’t have to prove my sexuality to anyone…it’s no one’s business.  I mean accept or not, I don’t judge others and if someone judges me yet did not breathe life into my lungs..then that is their loss.  And they have the friendly message in bold that was at the end of my previous blog to go on with.  Be it whoever who will dare judge me…

For a child to be exposed to abuse is more detrimental then finding out that their parents are gay…just look how it turned out for my ex.  His parents were active Christians for God’s sake.  But because his parents interpretted the book of Leviticus and Romans in the Bible that it is acceptable to “discipline his wife” he had basketcases for children.

We have enough in this world to hate like rush hour traffic, high interest loans, poverty and violence but to perpetuate hate in our children like you may be doing with your innocent son…causes for senseless violence when they get older.  I just hope that you save up bail money if your kid beats up another kid because that kid was gay.  Just ask the parents of Sean Ethan Owen (if you don’t know who he is google his name, preferably a site with pictures)

[Could you imagine if/when what you will do to your poor kid if/when he comes out of the closet?]

Not that I should explain here…I didn’t “become” gay after I had my child or I got abused, I was with a woman well before any of that happened.  But for the sake of growing up in a Christian-Islamic household, I thought that I had to try again (not sure if you read that part) but I did and paid the horrible price for decieving myself.  My child is not abused, sexually or physically.  She is beautiful in and out, on the honor roll, a commercial model with contracts in the making, she speaks 2 foreign languages (french and spanish), she draws, sings, she tries 2 instruments (guitar and piano, almost well…lol…no great to my ears) In addition to a whole slew of other things at the tender age of 5.  I foster all of that, work a great job, published a book to be released nationwide then worldwide soon, oh I do it all on my own without no man or woman’s help really. 

Parenthood to me is not about me spending my life trying to be gay or explain that I am to her, it’s about me raisng her to be an upstanding individual.  Being gay has nothing to do with that.  When it comes time for me to come out to her, I will just as I did everyone else I loved.  Perhaps when she is much older and can understand it…I certainly won’t do it now like you suggest.  Children don’t even have a sense of sexuality until pre-adolescense anyhow.  I mean what natural individual likes to imagine their parents being sexual in ANY shape, form or fashion?  I know how I got in this world, I don’t need to envision the act, do you?  I mean if you enjoy your parents tucking you in at night with the story of your conception so that they can ensure that you were raised in an hetero environment…then more power to you people. 

Funny if people spent the same energy on keeping children safe from hetero abuses and mis-educated in below-standard, public education as they did gay bashing or any form of degredation/discrimination…this country would be in a hell of a lot better shape than it is today.

Again, thanks for stopping by and if you want to read more into my life’s blogs/poems/stories, go on…you might learn something about…well…life in an non-discriminatory way!





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