05/02/07 – What does a man profit if he gains the world yet loses his soul?

Well I’m off to bed folks so if you’re reading this, you’re a total night breed or you’re reading this after the sun has risen.  Maybe I will read this in the morning and wonder what was going on in my brain but oh well…

I was watching the news and of course it bothered me.  Someone else got murdered in this city I call home, none other the city of brotherly love, Philly.  Ironic hunh?

Anyway I was listening to music and browsing the music pages here on MySpace and I saw how many local “”gangsta rappers”” from the area capitalizing and basically exploiting the fact that Philly’s murder rates are outrageously high.  Can I blame the rapper or the rap game today?  I fucking blame both!  Since there are only grown folks that gain stuff from my edu-tainment I put on my blogs, I will be blunt!

I know it’s hard to make it out here and even harder to be famous but does it give people right to charade around a microphone like a minstrel side show freak because they are getting a few thousands?  And the exploitative producers who put these artists on puppet strings are just as bad because they trick these rappers into believing that they gotta be hard or be something they are not because it seems to be the easiest image to sell.  I’m sorry but there isn’t that much illegal downloading out there that these folks are broke here!  I mean why the gimmicks? A few million is enough to keep the lights on?!?

I mean bragging about the D’s you got on your ride isn’t really that important and kind of silly once you take away the banging beat!  And to the female rappers, you don’t gotta be a ho with more skin showing than talent to sell a record!  I love women but damn…leave something to the imagination!

I may go to a club (one day) and dance to it or bang it on the radio but they don’t see my hard-earned money if it ain’t really worth listening to!  And surely my kid ain’t listening to it!

I’m not saying you can’t brag once you make it but for real, the ones braggin ain’t the ones with the real money anyhow!  I’m just saying make a song with some substance that will stimulate my brainwaves not just the snap of my finger!  And we wonder why the media attacks hip hop and why so many can capitalize on us and make money on us so easily as they did during slavery.  WE are basically modern-day sharecroppers!!!  We make some money but the real ballers are those who own the property (ie. the studio)!

WE bounce around like fools with no conscience or soul doing as we are told to do.  Hood ain’t being gangsta or skank…it’s being in your environment, being aware of it and poetically talking about it!  Sad the ones with real music make little money and those who spit foolish shit make the money in fear of being real after “”selling out””

As soon as you act like you have a voice of your own you lose your label, contract, endorsement and whatever…but at the end of the day you still have your soul!!!




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