The Single Chronicles Sn. 3 Ep. 2 (the one about WAP & Cardi B)

The Single Chronicles Sn. 3 Ep. 2 (the one about WAP & Cardi B)

I wanted to address this divorce not because it was trending a week ago but because most women have made the mistake in thinking that everything can be solved with sex or a kid. I feel bad for Cardi especially since this isn’t the first time she’s dealt with this kind of heartbreak.

Just when some ladies thought that the “P” was power… Well just goes to show, you can’t lock a man down that don’t wanna be locked down. But to be serious, you can have it all… looks, money, be sexually gifted and a person will still cheat if he wants to.

But before I go too far off topic, I want to say this…

So many men, Black men to be specific are struggling with an identity crisis. Doesn’t matter that so many of them despite being raised by a woman will still disrespect one. Most men tend to use the only thing they think defines their masculinity and that is their penis. This is because do not want to face their own damage or toxicity. Some men (not all) feel that they feel lacking or inferior in so many other facets and it is these specific men who in turn compensate for their shortcomings with sex.

Even if you hate her music or lifestyle, even the most tame of us ladies deal with the fucktivity.

And the same goes for women…

A woman or man who cannot fulfill their any one gender role will over compensate in some other way. It’s as if sex is a weapon or a tool to get ahead. Sadly when we cuff these people we learn in the end that it doesn’t matter what we do or say… they just cannot commit in the way we want them to.

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2 responses to “The Single Chronicles Sn. 3 Ep. 2 (the one about WAP & Cardi B)”

  1. Even Cardi B deserve to be happy but she needs to make sure that person wants the same thing as she does, not just having wild and kinky sex.

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