Who Am I Really?

Oddly enough, I would reply with a simple “me” however I guess this is the section where I should give you a little background info.

Well… to almost quote Will Smith, “North Philadelphia born and raised. On the neighborhood is where I spent most of my days…”

You see what I did there?  If you are familiar with Fresh Prince of Bel-air you would get it. Anyway, yeah back to me. 

Well first off, welcome to my newly revamped site… Enjoy!  Now here goes the plug part of this website.  Like I mentioned, I’m a Philly native business woman and mom to 1 awesome teenager as well as a published author of horror, suspense and most notably, erotic thriller.  I wrote my first full story that spanned across several spiral-bound notebooks around the age of 13 and published my 1st book, the Virus Within in 2008.  I’ve written everything from songs, poems and essays as well as a ghost-writing gig under my belt.  I recently became a proud member of the Horror Writer’s Association, which was the proudest moment of my life, second to publishing my 1st book.  My childhood inspirations range from Stephen King, Terry McMillian, Anne Rice, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Wes Craven, Stan Lee & Toni Morrison just to name a few.  Although I chose to publish and write under my fav genre of horror, I chose blogging to be the outlet and creative source of all other things that run amuck in my brain.

Blogging was my outlet and release.  It gave me a platform to complain, vent and everything else in between.  More importantly if gave me a way of separating my non-politically correct thoughts apart from my more mild mannered professional life.  Early on however, my love for writing was nearly squandered by the fact I had dyslexia. Mistaken for illiteracy or perhaps laziness, I remember having a teacher tell me I would never be as smart as other kids. Her ignorance challenged my hard-headedness and thus I became more determined to prove her wrong. I read books with and without pictures as well wrote little poems and stories from a very young age. I would eventually be stronger than my limitations. 

Nowadays, in whatever spare time I have, I instruct Zumba classes, play video games and consider myself an avid movie lover.  I think the job I held at a local movie theatre when I a teenager solidified that.  Another thing about me is my vast random taste in music. I love everything from classical to R&B & from Latin rhythm to pop (especially 80s & 90s pop) to rap to rock. 

I am pretty much a free-spirit individual and I hate the idea of being boxed in a certain category. Being from a certain neighborhood, race, greed, gender or orientation does not mean that you should have to conform to that of those surrounding you… which is why I am the a girl from the same ‘hood as comedian, Kevin Hart & rapper, Gillie yet I could not be anymore different than the two…yet I possess the same grittiness as my fellow alums. It is why I took the time to finally evolve my blog with that of my career as an author.

That being said, if you are still reading this much thus far, I thank you and hope you enjoy my page.

R.S. Lewis

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