About Me

R.S. Lewis is a self-published fiction-horror and freelance writer who often goes by the blogger handle, Insomniac Writer. Her resume includes the sexy vampire novel, The Virus Within as well as many short stories.

Blending humor and sarcasm, R.S. Lewis has made her living writing reviews on everything from movies, tv shows, music, food and dining as well as video games. If it’s trending, the R.S. is awake in the middle of the night writing about it. She has recently stepped into the world of recording video reviews and more recently the growing YouTube series, The Single Chronicles.

R.S. aka Insomniac Writer can be found nearly anywhere on social media including Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Need to hire a reputable writer? Look no further. Services offered include articles, landing pages, direct email drafts, search ads, social media promotions and much more. Send inquiries to: rslewis@drunkeninsomniacwriter.com

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