Dumbass of the Day: Fearmongers

I had to get on here to talk about some individuals…


Better yet, I have to talk about several groups of assholes.

That’s right! Dumbasses, as in more than one recipients of my most prestigious award.

I will start with the know-it-alls! The people who out here using social media to get false news out. Not real or at least legitimately recognized media outlets but in turn social media!

Since most of us are looking to the internet to stay in touch with loved ones, cure everyday boredom or find hope, others are out here causing mass hysteria. Whether it’s the 5G theories, fake virus claims, government conspiracy, panic-inducing, threats biased falsehoods or even annoying ass trolls, it’s all getting on my nerves and so many others I would suppose.

I’m gonna start with the ones saying this virus is fake. While you may or may not believe covid-19 is a made up virus or that it’s unnatural, you cannot deny that it is something out here making folks sick.

While we are on cusp of pneumonia, flu and allergy season, it is easy to believe that we all risk becoming sick from one or the other. What makes this particular coronavirus (Covid-19) deadly is not the ailments or even the mortality rate at this point. It’s that some folks can become infected without knowing (asymptomatic) and pass to many others who risk succumbing to the virus. That would be those with autoimmune diseases or the elderly.

Looking at her numbers fluctuate and so many officials twiddle their thumbs, it’s easy to shrug off the whole covid-19 thing. It’s threat may have been a bit over-exaggerated but you cannot deny its existence. That’s just fucking stupid.

Fake health tips are another thing irking me. It’s one thing to give good pointers that will help strengthen your immune system or overall health in general but to completely give unproven, bullshit remedies is just moronic. I love telling people about home remedies that actually work. But so many do nothing more than spread incorrect memes on just about anything.

And don’t get me started on those selling anything that claims to give you immunity or make you superhuman. Despite those herbs or home remedies that actually help. There are some who swear by shit in which they have no clue actually works.

They have no real proven protection againt viral infection or boost human immunity. They just sound good.

The media is another thing that is always blown way out of control. Not to mention how much of it we’re exposed to.

Whether it’s exploiting the same thing constantly or overload of depressing, anxiety driven talk… It’s often enough to make you crazy!

Now that we have access to news by the second, it would seem that the media has taken full advantage by inducing fear and the public.


Simply put fear sells.

When news of the coronavirus really hit people flocked to the markets and bought up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I mean you couldn’t find a roll anywhere. A can of Lysol is almost non-existent and masks meant for medical staff were nearly depleted. It’s fucking preposterous! And worst of all, no matter what happens in the news the media and politicians seem to always exploit it to make us go batshit with fear.

I guess it pushes agendas or something.

When a school shooting happens, they blame guns… Not mental health, crime or gun laws that are constantly conflicted by liberals and conservatives. Just guns. Let me quote DMX in Romeo Must Die, “Guns don’t kill people, stupid motherfukers with guns kill people!”

Yeah… I said it! And I won’t go further into it!

Another thing that really irks me are fucking trolls!!

As if life wasn’t stressful enough… Here come the trolls ruining it with sheer ignorance. Just like this stupid virus, they come and invade only to fuck shit up. They bother us on any social media platforms available and pervert every post.

Conspiracy theorists… oh man, I go out of my way to ignore these guys. Because no matter what proof there is, here they come with no real research or data to back up their ridiculous claims.

You can’t debate them even if you want to. BECAUSE THEY KNOW EVERYTHING! Now if you have something that is close to factual, I will lend you my ears. But the rest of you fucktards need to go suck on lemons! No point in going on about them because they are either fully conservative or fully liberal sheep.

And they are the worst!

I could go on about these guys but since they are all not bad… I’m gonna be nice. Because given our government’s history (not to mention I’ve been playing various Resident Evil games during this outbreak), you can’t blame them all the way but they still make the list. Shit, you can’t blame anyone for hating the government with their very-well-hidden motives, classified/redacted agendas or covert ops. I’m not surprised if we have another outright historical uprising.

Lastly, I must place blame on…


…and our codependency on social media.

While I think the internet is both a vastly informative & entertaining place, it can be problematic at times. There’s nothing wrong with being up to date on what’s trending or current events. Often it is convenient to be able to access information at any moment. Yet our own codependence to our cell phones or other electronic devices can be overkill.

It’s no wonder we have issues with anxiety, we are bombarded with data and radiation constantly. Just as easy as we can find tidbits to help entertain, enlighten or educate us… We can be distracted and downright disturbed by the shit that’s exposed to us or the youth at shocking rates. We are so desensitized to violence and immoral shit… that most won’t grimace anymore when a person shoots him/herself or goes on a rampage.

Yet no matter how much we see or ought to be doing, our phones rarely leave her hands.

And wonder why we’re constantly overwhelmed if not batshit.

I could go on but… I’m tired!

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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