Another Year ✔️

Well alas another birthday has come and gone. I’m officially 38 today.

I must say this year was eventful and eye-opening. Not to drag on about positive thinking, but I am understanding the power of it all. This year, I didn’t do the obligatory party thing as I have in the past. I must say I am becoming privy to low-key functions with close friends and family anyhow. Hell more and more, I am becoming comfortable with my own solidarity.  Funny, how I went from craving the company of others to being content with my own.

Yet the highlight of this year was my trip to Bangor, Maine. It was here that I got to see most of the tourist spots that inspired some of the great works of my favorite author, Stephen King.

As a fellow writer, it was awesome. I got a nice mini vacation away from the city and discovered something I feel is important to any writer, which was motivation.

As I got the chance to see the different places that Mr. King wrote about or referenced in his books/movies, I discovered that the trick to writing a good story is in fact no trick at all. It is the ability to look at everyday things in everyday life and from that tell a story.

I realized that you don’t have to go far to find a story but in fact you can in-turn let the story find you. From time to time, I have struggled with writer’s block where I could never finish books that I started. Maybe it was the distraction from my daily distractions or the time spent alone… not sure. Whatever it was that I found, sparked a spark that had already been recently reignited. Yet now it was an explosion of shit going off in my brain. So with that newfound motivation and the tools I’ve acquired all throughout my life, I discovered one new valuable lesson.

It was always within me… as it is with us all.

Instead of trying to recreate and find whatever it was that produced my initial book, The Virus Within… I know now that I needed a new formula because I’m new version of myself. I needed to stop dwelling on my past, and venture into something new. It was from this point forward I had to bury that fear of taking risks. I wasn’t making another vampire novel so why focus on what or how that book was created? I was inspired to write the Virus Within after being in fantasy chatrooms (something millennials will never probably understand). I went from basically telling a story with others (which is like today’s fanfiction) to writing a full fledge novel.  Plus the fact I had a bad knee sprain that kept me indoors and bored as hell.

However, I needed to take my love of the macabre to a new level. I had to also incorporate my discovery of the taboo as well. I wasn’t a scared kid who was afraid to be Risqué.  If I was going to be the female Stephen King like I set out to be so many years ago, I had to find a story where there was no story. I needed to write because writing was what I was born to do.

If the man I admired could look at a simple storm drain and create one my generation’s greatest tales, I could find my own muses anywhere.

So it was here in Bangor, Maine while in route back to Philly… I began a new story, edited existing ones, and importantly, put ideas that have been scrambled in my head on paper or on my phone’s notes so that I would potentially have a new story someday. I also got a blog that I will soon post, shortly after this. I was on fire…again! And it felt great!

The Insomniac Writer was already back but now… R.S. Lewis is ready to take center stage.

Now I all need to do is resurrect some of these drunken insomniac drafts… 🤔

Until next time kiddies,


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