Baby-mama/Baby-daddy Drama (DUMBASS of the DAY)

And the Red Forman Award of the Day goes to Dead-beat and Drama-queen parents and the people that encourage them!YES, I am shining a light on all of these people who have made the sad mistake of procreating with the WRONG damn person. Now before you go on quickly to judge me, just know that I for one am a single parent! No, the creating a child is not a mistake but the pawning of the kid on a chessboard of drama is. I made an effort to make sure my child happy and taken care of. But it was because my love for her was stronger than the need to feed into her father’s BS/DRAMA. I made it evidently clear to her father that he had 2 AND ONLY 2 choices:

  1. Be a positive part of her life & responsible parent! 


    2.   Be Gone!

I didn’t want to have to depend on her father to do anyting for her only to complain when it didn’t happen. This had nothing to do with pride but because I didn’t want my child to experience the same fucked up issues I had from being disappointed by my dad or be startled like I was when my mother yelled. Why go through that? You can’t force a horse to water to drink… just like you can’t force a boy to be a man! That’s why I didn’t bother with the fuckery so the fiery drama in my opinion was extinguised before it started.

Lord knows I don’t want to screw her head up royally. I had my fair share of hearing: “Your dad ain’t shit!” later to be followed by, “You’re just like your father!” Do you know what that does to a kid??? Yeah it fucks you up in the head! It breeds insecurity, trust issues, identity crisis, psychotic behavior not to mention self esteem issues that cut deeper than a hot knife through butter. That was not the example I wanted to set for her. Do I often wish he would step up to the plate, yes because everyone can use a hand every now and again. But I don’t get pissed when he decides not to do for our child nor do I expect him to kiss my ass when he is willing to!

Ladies if you have a man responsibly doing the best for your kid(s), stop that nonsense because he could always skate leaving you and the kid hanging…remember it’s NOT ABOUT YOU!!! Men stop feeding into the drama if you are a deadbeat. Do what you need to for the sake of your child…and stop the bullshit excuses of why you will or won’t be bothered by the woman YOU knocked up! Next time cover your dick if you feel as though a kid “is too much of a headache” for you!!!! Because at the end of the day, your petty bickering only hurts your kid(s).

They suffer the cost from your stupid squabbles over meaningless shit and you pay for it in the long run when they grow up to resent you or have toxic relationships of their own! I mean if your kid needs food or clothes or anything else, is it worth arguing, sometimes fighting, when you can just say fuck it, do it on your own?? After all that nonsense is said and done, you still have a hungry and naked kid waiting!!!! :-/

6 responses to “Baby-mama/Baby-daddy Drama (DUMBASS of the DAY)”

  1. I found your post about deadbeat parents from the parents’ perspective really great, and I imagine it’s how my mother felt while I was growing up. I’m a child of a deadbeat, and despite my mom trying her best to make everything awesome for me, I’ve undergone a lot of therapy because of it. If it will help other children of deadbeats, I’ve created a blog about my messed up father and his recent attempts to reach out to me here:


  2. I commend you for helping yourself while helping others. It is a pandemic in the country that is only gettting worse…the single parent dilema. As not a product of a deadbeat/single mom… I too became the same thing. I only pray that my child breaks the cycle. Thanks for your feedback. I will surely check out your blog.


    • I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I’m glad I did-you sound like a strong woman and I too am a single parent and find your posts very easy to relate with. Did you plan to have a child or still communicate with the father? Mine was not planned (but so thankful it occurred) and found it was too much for her father to handle…I keep trying to communicate but feel like its a dead end. Anyway, thanks for your posts you are inspiring.


      • Well I indeed thank you for finding my blog! And yes, I do have a child. I decided that the commitment to raise our child and communication was a 2-way street. However when I saw that it was only me putting up the effort, I stopped stringing both myself & my daughter along! Trust me, when things start looking up…they always come around trying to be parent of the year later! If they’re trying to do good, then let them….that’s great but don’t let it become reason for a headache later! 🙂


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